Astraea (acrimonyastraea) wrote,

Torchwood Miracle Day

This show. It is so bad.   I'm now watching for the trainwreck factor.

I remember hearing how great it was going to be that it would be on Starz, so we would get REAL sex scenes. With Captain Jack!  Who wouldn't want that?   If it was Captain Jack of Doctor Who series 1 I would totally be on board, but s4 Jack is kind of an old fuddy duddy in comparison, and that has nothing to do with Barrowman's age.  Also.. when did Jack become gay and stop flirting with women?

Of course I have to compare this New! Sexy! Premium channel Torchwood! with the first two seasons, which might not have been explicit but had a lot of not-very-conventional sex.  True, a lot of it was, er, problematic, especially in the first half of season 1.  So the new Torchwood should be extra racey!  Except not.  It feels like it's been written by someone who thinks that acknowledging the existence of gay men and having one gay sex scene is pushing the boundaries.  Have we gone back in time? Did Queer as Folk never happen? 


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Tags: meta, torchwood complaints
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