Astraea (acrimonyastraea) wrote,

Neo_prodigy's amazing fauxpology

neo_prodigy  would like to apologize to everyone who thought he was super-human and infallable.  But fear not! He is still so full of awesome that he is "man enough" to admit his "humanity," as above-average as it may be.   He has, in fact, failed to see his male privilege at some points in the past.  Be assured, this does not mean he is wrong now or that he was wrong in his recently criticized post about slash!  Jsut that he has been wrong, about something, at some point in the past. And he is better now.  Some of his newer readers may not realize this. They may mistake his gender essentialism, jokes about violence against women, and erasure of LBQ women as actual sexism.  He is very sorry that you were mistaken and got your feelings hurt.

So if any women out there still think he is misogynist and blind to male privilege, you can just suck it.
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