Astraea (acrimonyastraea) wrote,

Nightmares, doctors and princesses

I had a nightmare about being chased by a velociraptor last night.  I was also trying to save my sister and some pets, it was pretty freaky.  I woke up terrified and was very glad to have one of my cats sprawled out against my leg.  There's nothing quite like a cat sound asleep with it's legs all stretched out and belly showing to reassure you that there isn't really a vicious dinosaur in the apartment.

I mentioned before that I'm doing better lately.  Finally went to a new doctor and was prescribed a new medication for anxiety/depression.  I'd seen lots of other people say how the right medication just kind of clicks and makes things so much better. I couldn't even really imagine how that worked until I experienced it myself.  I feel so, so good, with very few side effects after about a month of adjusting.

In fannish activities, I've been rewatching Doctor Who starting with series 5, trying to make more sense of River and of the Silence.   The last rewatch was the episode where River realizes she's just had her last kiss with the Doctor and it was even more heartbreaking now that we know who she is.  After the episode, I was listening to some music and Leona Lewis's cover of Run started playing.  I thought about how well it fit Doctor/River and actually started bawling. I'm blaming PMS.  Thankfully someone already made a vid to the song so I don't have to:

And the Doctor looks so different in early eps of series 5! I like him better now, I think.  More geeky and less hipster. 

I also have two wishes for spin-off series that will never be:  River Song and Liz 10 Adventures in Space, and Interspecies Lesbian Victorians Solving Crime.  

Have not yet watched the new Torchwood.  Am hesitant.  A lot of the people who enjoyed it also enjoyed Children of Earth, so I'm not sure I'll like it. 

In other fannish things I have yet to get the new Princess book by Jim Hines, and I kind of feel bad about that. I'll be getting it and reading it very soon!  I might save it for this weekend so I'm not trying to sneak in reading time at work.  I'll be staying away from any spoilers in the meantime!  Crossing my fingers for a Talia/Snow hookup.
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