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Some clarification

Jeff's A.D.D. Mind has recently had a couple guest posts about the Mythology of ADD. These posts by Betsy Davenport discuss the myths surrounding ADD, some of which are perpetuated by ADD'ers. The second myth she addresses is the idea that ADD'ers are smarter than other people. One aspect of this, as she points out, is the idea that “People with ADD have to take medications, just to get on in a world where the so-called ‘normal’ people have ridiculous hoops for us to jump through.”

I wanted to talk more about this because I want to be clear that in my previous post I was not suggesting that people with ADD or similar problems are disabled solely by the requirements of the world around us that caters to neurotypical* people. There are a wide range of experiences within ADD and even within inattentive type ADD. My point in my previous post was that regardless of how well or poorly we are able to get through life, the assumption that we must adapt to the ways other people think and function makes things ten times harder than they already were.

In no way does that mean that those of us with ADD would be perfectly fine without medication or assistance in some kind of ideal designed-by-adde'ers world. It's just that for me personally and probably for some others, it is the need to succeed in a hostile world that pushes me over the edge from problems I can deal with to frequent depression and anxiety.

*I am not completely sure I'm using this correctly and I've been trying to find more about the way the term is used. I know it has primarily been used by the autistic community, and I have the impression that it has been more widely adopted. I welcome discussion and correction of how to refer to people who don't have ADD in any way that doesn't involve the word "normal." I still have a lot to learn about these issues.
Tags: add, adhd, disability, disablism
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