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OMG LOST - Snark and Squee - Episode 6x11

Great episode last night!  I really loved it, but it also hit on some of my pet peeves so I can't say it was perfect.

First, my complaints, because I'm still on my first cup of coffee and I'm tired and grumpy.

GAG ME.  First, Charlie's little speech about Claire.  Gross.  Charlie hit on Shannon and Kate before finally landing on Claire, attaching to her like a needy little stalker.  They totally ruined any interest in that relationship for me when they had Charlie deciding he knew best for Claire when she had amnesia and then KIDNAPPED HER BABY TO BAPTIZE HIM. 

And then Daniel and Charlotte.   Everyone is connected to the original world by their true love? WTF is this, fan fiction?  COME ON.  Surely Desmond could have been nudged towards Penny and their romance could have been central without everyone else talking about ~love~ like those fanfics where every side character is just there to push the writer's favorite pair together.  And when everyone starts getting paired up? I START GETTING SICK OF ALL THE STRAIGHT COUPLES.  (Seriously, who hasn't been part of a romantic pairing?  Miles and Lapidus I think.  Thankfully they seem to have forgotten what they did with Ben and Juliet.)

But I forgive all that because this episode brought back the sci fi!  THANK GOD.  I am so sick of Jacob and MIB.  Now we are back to the good stuff.  Electromagnetism FTW!  It was refreshing to see Desmond back again.  He was looking great even in that awful wig in the sideways.  There was a real payoff to this sideways flash, unlike some of the others where we don't really know how to invest in these characters.  Is Desmond going back and forth? Is he in both places now?  Is he two different people but both now aware of what's going on? Why did Eloise say he isn't ready? a;klsdjf;alskdjf;aklsdjf I LOVE IT.

And how adorable is Daniel the musician?

I was so excited to see Eloise back and being bad ass again, aware of what's going on and trying to manipulate things for who knows what ultimate purpose.  Are she and Charles set up as parallel to Jacob and MIB, with Destiny (Eloise) on one side and "Free Will" (Charles) on the other?  Free will, of course, as defined by TBTP in Lost, which is basically flailing around in a really fucked up situation you really have no good preparation for while being manipulated by higher powers, whether they are mortal or immortal.  Is this the human condition?  SOMETIMES LOL.  At any rate, it's good to see a powerful woman back in play.

Speaking of women, Penny's little giggle after she agreed to a coffee date?  *SWOON*  It was so good to see her again!
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