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OMG LOST - more on Episode 10

This is a very interesting post talking about Sun's loss of English in "The Package," and how other characters respond:

I think that the creators probably thought 'oh, wouldn't it be cool to do this as a plot device,' but what I took away from it was 'hey, sometiems people communicate differently, and instead of abusing them because they can't communicate like you, maybe you should find a communication method which works.' And that's a good thing to take a way [sic]. 

She wonders if most people got caught up in the "cool plot device" thing, rather than the communication issue, and it looks to me like most people did, except that a lot of them didn't think it was very cool.  I didn't really see it the way she did either, but I like looking at it this way.

I also read Doc Jensen's bloated piece about The Package yesterday. YES I SAID IT. I skimmed most of it TBH.  Some good points, but I pretty much lost it when he said Sun is like the dude and Jin is the chick in their sideways ship because Sun is probably less sentimental about the sex.    I really could go with not hearing that kind of shit ever again.

I thought the episode was a lot of fun and felt like old school Lost.  My favorite bits of humor are all the acknolwedgements that, you know, THIS SHOW IS UNREALISTIC WITH SMOKE MONSTERS WHO CAN'T CROSS WATER AND CONVENIENT APHASIA AND PEOPLE TALKING TO THE DEAD.  It's great to see the characters reacting to strange goings-on as strange, much like in the 1st season with the WTFPOLARBEAR moments, and the "Guys, where are we?" reactions.  I guess after a while with shit like that you just start rolling with it and next thing you know you're in 1977 pulling a long con and life is cool until someone comes in trying to bring things back to "normal."  

I also appreciate the growing feeling among many of the characters that they are just tired of being jerked around and want to go home already.  It makes for a nice echo of Smokey's motivation, and will hopefully make the end of the show a little easier to deal with for those of us who won't know what to do with ourselves.

Some people insist Whidmore is going to turn out to be a good(ish) guy.  IDK.  He might ultimately be on the "right" side, but I can't see him as a good guy after he sent a bunch of mercenaries to the island.  Although maybe he realized that was a mistake and that's why now he has a geophysicist in charge instead of a mercenary, as new annoying woman pointed out.  I do kind of hope it's true that he was interfering with Des and Penny because he knew Desmond was going to be sucked into Island issues and wanted to protect her, rather than just being an elitist asshole.  That would make him more interesting, even if he should have learned from thousands of years of literature that pulling that kind of shit never works.

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