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Torchwood Miracle Day

This show. It is so bad.   I'm now watching for the trainwreck factor.

I remember hearing how great it was going to be that it would be on Starz, so we would get REAL sex scenes. With Captain Jack!  Who wouldn't want that?   If it was Captain Jack of Doctor Who series 1 I would totally be on board, but s4 Jack is kind of an old fuddy duddy in comparison, and that has nothing to do with Barrowman's age.  Also.. when did Jack become gay and stop flirting with women?

Of course I have to compare this New! Sexy! Premium channel Torchwood! with the first two seasons, which might not have been explicit but had a lot of not-very-conventional sex.  True, a lot of it was, er, problematic, especially in the first half of season 1.  So the new Torchwood should be extra racey!  Except not.  It feels like it's been written by someone who thinks that acknowledging the existence of gay men and having one gay sex scene is pushing the boundaries.  Have we gone back in time? Did Queer as Folk never happen? 


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Amy in hat

Random thought

Women have complicated responses to female characters.

I wish more people could just accept that and stop insisting that female character X must be hated in the name of feminism or loved in the name  of feminism.

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Well known LJ/DW Feminist accused of rape

(trigger warning for rape, abuse)

It's hard when someone who is supposed to be against oppression, who explicitly says they are feminist or anti-oppression or supportive of equal rights and justice, does something that goes against everything that social justice is about. At one end there are people who simply have a blind spot, who fail to acknowledge their own privilege and how they exercise it in the name of their kind of social justice.

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Torchwood Miracle Day (no spoilers)

Just watched the first episode yesterday.  I was bored, tbh.  I thought it had a lot of the bad writing of original Torchwood without the campiness to make it fun.  You can't ask me to take you seriously, show.   I'll be giving it a couple more episodes, I think, just because it's summer and there's not much else to watch.
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Neo_prodigy's amazing fauxpology

neo_prodigy  would like to apologize to everyone who thought he was super-human and infallable.  But fear not! He is still so full of awesome that he is "man enough" to admit his "humanity," as above-average as it may be.   He has, in fact, failed to see his male privilege at some points in the past.  Be assured, this does not mean he is wrong now or that he was wrong in his recently criticized post about slash!  Jsut that he has been wrong, about something, at some point in the past. And he is better now.  Some of his newer readers may not realize this. They may mistake his gender essentialism, jokes about violence against women, and erasure of LBQ women as actual sexism.  He is very sorry that you were mistaken and got your feelings hurt.

So if any women out there still think he is misogynist and blind to male privilege, you can just suck it.
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Nightmares, doctors and princesses

I had a nightmare about being chased by a velociraptor last night.  I was also trying to save my sister and some pets, it was pretty freaky.  I woke up terrified and was very glad to have one of my cats sprawled out against my leg.  There's nothing quite like a cat sound asleep with it's legs all stretched out and belly showing to reassure you that there isn't really a vicious dinosaur in the apartment.

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(no subject)

I am so burnt out on LJ/DW discussions. I've gone down to mostly lurking, but that's not really helping. I just don't feel engaged, and a lot of the recent uproars have only made me feel frustrated with the whole thing. I really need to step back and find something to engage in that is productive for me, so I'm not just looking for something to get all opinionated about because I need something to do.

I'm just really put off current online disucssions of issues that actually do mean a lot to me.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point. This is where I usually get the urge to cut and run, and start over. But I don't really want to do that. Definitely unfollowing some communities, at the very least.

So I might continue being pretty quiet. I'm probably not likely to talk much about srs bsns issues.

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